Reduce Waste: How To Have A Plastic-Free Period

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7 Reasons To Use A Menstrual Cup

Sick and tired of the feel/smell/cost/inconvenience of using tampons or pads? Hey menstruating folks, we hear your plight. It’s time to try something new. We all know it's time to ditch the tampons for good.  Introducing Zero Cup: the reusable tampon alternative! Convenient A menstrual cup is guaranteed to provide you 100% leak-free protection. How? The cup is worn as low down in the vagina as possible and is held in place by your vaginal muscles. A light suction seal is formed to further prevent any leaking, working to securely capture your menstrual flow. Unlike tampons or pads, you can rest assured that you won’t have embarrassing leaks or any dodgy period-related odours. Go for a swim, walk around stark naked, or enjoy...

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Top Tips For New Menstrual Cup Users

Whether you’ve just started using menstrual cups or have yet to take the plunge, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite tips and tricks to make the transition as easy as possible. Ditching tampons and pads is an undoubtedly liberating experience. As with any new experience, there is a learning curve. However, the huge impact Zero Cup will have on the improvement of your menstrual cycle is not to be understated. We’re proud of our informative website and in-depth instruction manual, so do make sure to read through the relevant literature. Users report feeling fresher, cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable during their period. As you’ll only be emptying out your cup every 12 hours (depending on your flow), you’ll find yourself pondering why...

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Yoga For Fertility

Infertility can take a toll on the body and the mind. Women who are trying to conceive may feel a mix of frustration, failure, and other stressful emotions. We hold our stress in various parts of the body, and often this stress further hinders us. If you are trying to have a baby, use these meditations and poses to unleash this stress and encourage conception.

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The Lowdown: WTF is BDSM?

It is no surprise that you feel and perceive things differently when on your period. In general, body sensations are heightened, your emotions and feelings could be easier to trigger, and on top of that, you might need more assurance and aftercare. I try to be more aware of when having BDSM fun on or before my period.

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7 Eco-Friendly Ways To Reduce Your Travel Footprint

Whilst travel isn’t inherently eco-friendly (long-haul flights, I’m looking at you), there are ways some easy ways you can reduce your travel footprint. We’ve compiled a handy list for the keen and conscious adventurer to reduce their environmental impact whilst travelling. Offset Your Carbon Emissions Many travelers aren’t even aware of the impact that international travel has on the environment, let alone attempt to do something about it. If you’ve got the money - which let’s face it, you do because you’re travelling - a really simple way to reduce your travel footprint is to offset your CO2 emissions. Visit and input your travel details. The nifty algorithm will calculate how many tons of carbon waste your journey will...

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