Easy Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps

Currently, we are in a plastic crisis. Ever since its creation, we have produced an estimated 9 billion tonnes of plastic (source). Approximately one-third of this plastic has been single-use:

It’s an epidemic in which we value “use of ease” over life-long consequences on our environment. One cannot deny the harmful impact plastic has on the environment and the irreversible damage that plastic litter is causing.

We use the plastic once, and then it is discarded; never to be used again, but never fully disposed of. The remaining two thirds have more than a one-time use lifespan, but its fate isn’t much better. This shocking statistic shows that we value momentary convenience above the welfare of our planet. The same piece of plastic can only be recycled about 2-3 times before its quality decreases to the point where it can no longer be used (source).

Reducing waste should be on everyone’s to-do list. In addition to being better for the planet, you’ll find that there are many benefits to your health, too! So, the best solution is to avoid plastic use and use alternative materials (such as glass, tin, wood, bamboo, etc).

We’ve listed our favourite (and easiest!) Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps below. Enjoy!

Safety Razor

Merkur Safety Razor: The closest shave of your life!

In the US alone, over 2 billion disposable razors and blades are discarded each year. Swapping out a disposable razor for a reusable safety razor is pretty easy! In addition to being totally plastic-free, you’ll find yourself saving money in the long-run.

Safety razors are made of stainless steel which means they can be recycled at the end of their life. Take note to call your local recycling station and check whether they have a metal facility that takes metal scraps.

If you’re a newbie to using a safety razor, here are some quick tips to get the most your of your new gadget:

Take It Slow

Simply let the weight of the razor do the work - no need to add any pressure. Take your time the first time using a safety razor. With experience, you'll find that it won't take you any longer shaving than it normally would using a disposable razor. 

Lather Up

Use lots of soap to glide the razor with ease. Some zero wasters swear by using coconut oil, but any soap will do. It’ll help prevent any skin irritation and allow for a closer shave.

Keep It Dry

After each use, dissemble the blade from the razor and set them down on a shelf to allow them to air dry fully. This will prevent both pieces from rusting, and keep your razor sharper for longer.



Bamboo Toothbrush: cleaner teeth without the plastic. Win!

Perhaps the most ubiquitous of all the bathroom necessities on the list. A simple toothbrush. It’s dangerous on so many levels: it is encouraged by dentists to discard and replace your toothbrush every three months. And whilst it is important to follow these guidelines, think of the plastic waste you are creating just from following the simplest of oral hygiene steps.

Fortunately, there are some wonderful plastic-free alternatives to your bog-standard toothbrush that’ll leave your toothy-pegs pristine clean and have the added benefit of creating no plastic waste.

A bamboo toothbrush is one of the easiest bathroom swaps to make as it’ll take zero effort on your part to change your current oral care routine. At the end of its lifetime, you can compost your brush or recycle it and put it to use as a miniature scrubber (cleaning the grout out from tiles or scrubbing off stubborn stains).


Crystal Deodorant: Your armpits will thank you.

Rather than slathering chemical-heavy deodorants that undoubtedly come in plastic packaging, you can opt for a more eco-friendly alternative. Better for your body and the environment, you can DIY your own deodorant or opt for for a mineral salt stone.

We love using the mineral salt stone because it is *so* easy to use: simply wet the stone and apply as normal. Once you’re finished, dry the stone with a towel. It has the added benefit of lasting for years, doesn’t stain clothing, is scent-free (so great for people with sensitive skin!), and doesn’t count towards your hand luggage liquid allowance

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Mineral salt stone works by leaving a thin layer of rock salt on your skin, preventing the bacteria from multiplying and thriving. You will be totally smell-free. It’s positively blissful. We love Biork’s crystal deodorant because it has biodegradable cork packaging and is keenly priced, too!

Menstrual Cup

Zero Cup: your new best friend!

Switching to a menstrual cup is the best way to make your period as eco-friendly as possible


Zero Waste

Zero Cup is 100% plastic free and doesn’t come with any excessive packaging. Simply receive your Zero Cup in discreet postal packaging, alongside your instructions set (printed on recycled paper) and a cute cotton storage pouch. Win!

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Totally Reusable

One cup is designed to last for up to ten years of use. The only time you’d need to replace your cup is if the silicone becomes damaged, or you have a child and have to upgrade size. Other than that, experience up to a decade of period-protection that is undeniably better for you and the planet. 

Free From Chemical Nasties

Rest assured you’re not polluting the planet or your body with dodgy chemicals. We are proudly made from 100% medical grade silicone, which means we are totally chemical, bleach, and fragrance-free.

Zero Cup is the best alternative to traditional pads and tampons. Period.


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