How Does Zero Menstrual Cup Make For A Sustainable Future?

If you're considering making the switch from pads & tampons to a menstrual cup, you're already on the right track.

Did you know the average woman uses close to 10,000 feminine hygiene products in her life time? Each tampon or pad comes with unnecessary plastic packaging, are loaded with a bunch of environmentally damaging chemicals, and are not recyclable.

Every year, thousands of tampons end up in the sea. Tons of plastic from disposable feminine hygiene products ends up in landfills and causes extreme damage to our environment. Tampon applicators take decades to break down, destroying sea life - and more often than not - they are ingested by marine animals who die from consuming the plastic waste carelessly tossed into the ocean.

Zero menstrual cups can be used for up to ten years if properly cared for. You'll only need to replace it sooner if the silicone becomes damaged or if you have a child (then you will need to upgrade to the Large Model Zero cup). 

One Zero cup is made of 100% silky smooth medical-grade silicone. It comes with one set of instructions (printed on recycled paper) and one cloth storage bag. That's it. 

How Is Your Period Destroying The Environment?

Simply put, the act of menstruating is not the problem. It is the repeated use of disposable feminine hygiene products that is causing damage to our environment.

Each box of tampons or pads contain a plethora of unsavoury non-recyclables. Plastic packaging individually wraps each item and instructions are included in every box. In addition, there is more wasteful junk hiding inside: a tampon may have a plastic applicator and pads may have extra sheets of plastic on the wings, all of which are non-recyclable.

Many feminine hygiene products on the market contain bleach, scents & fragrances, acetone, and a whole host of other chemicals you simply do not need near your vagina. These unnecessary additives are toxic to both your body and our planet. Say "Yes!" to Zero menstrual cups.

Here are some terrifying figures to digest:

The average period lasts 3-6 days: (let's use 5 days as the average)

Changing your tampon every 4-8 hours (let's use 6 hours as the average) 

That works out to 20 tampons per period. That's 240 tampons per year. That is 240 pieces of rubbish that end up in landfills or oceans a year per person who menstruates. Let's say you menstruate for an average of 40 years of your life. That means you may use 9,600 tampons over the course of your life. 

Instead, you may purchase three or four menstrual cups in that time frame, reducing your carbon foot print dramatically. 

Why Is A Reusable Menstrual Product So Important?

Because it is sustainable. We need to build a more sustainable future. Simply using disposable items over & over because it is the status-quo is unsustainable. Resources will eventually run out. We don't need to use disposable feminine hygiene products when there are better alternatives! We have an obligation to protect the wildlife and our landscapes. Simply contributing to the destruction of our planet is not an option. It's so simple to have a zero waste period!

Ditch the disposables and purchase your Zero cup here.


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