How To Save The Planet On Your Period

Menstruation is as old as time. Our time on earth has been dependent on reproduction, which of course is reliant on a healthy menstrual cycle.

In the past, many women wouldn’t have used any sanitary protection and would have simply bled onto their clothing (not dissimilar to free bleeding). Various other methods include using bandages derived from super-absorbent wood pulp, using a period belt to help keep the “pad” in position, or even tampon-shaped rolls of papyrus.

Flash forward to the modern day, and the majority of menstruators use one of two methods for maintaining menstrual hygiene: tampons and sanitary pads.

Fortunately, a few new innovating methods for efficient sanitary protection have been paving the way for a more practical, sustainable, and cost-effective period.


Saving the planet whilst on your period. Oh, it’s a piece of cake!

Every decision we make on a day to day basis directly impact the environment. With so many environmentally friendly menstrual products available (including but not limited to washable cotton pads, reusable tampon applicators, absorbent period panties, and of course, reusable menstrual cups), it’s easy to make the switch.

An individual will power through approximately 11,000 disposable pads and/or tampons in a lifetime, so it is more pressing than ever for us to examine the impact we have on our planet.

In addition to disposable products causing irreversible damage to the planet - think of the tons of plastic waste! - consider the lifecycle of tampons and pads. Intense cotton farming, extensive pesticide use, and run-off chemical waste pollution contribute to unsustainable practices. If you want to read more about the lifecycle of a typical tampon, click here.

So, if you’re ready to come over to the light side, ditch the disposables for good. Pledge to reduce your environmental period footprint by opting for a more eco-friendly solution.

Zero Cup - How To Save The Planet On Your Period

An eco-friendly solution is simple. Zero Cup is reusable for up to ten years (depending on the care of your cup) and does not contribute to the global plastic epidemic.

The decade long lifespan of Zero Cup means potentially saving the environment for the packaging and material waste of more than 10,000 pads or tampons.

The environmental impact of Zero Cup is minimal. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, it is a much more sustainable alternative to conventional methods of period protection.

Silicone is derived from silica, a type of sand, and as it degrades, it will slowly go back to its original state. So, less of an environmental impact, and more of a positive impact on your menstrual care.

You don’t have to be a superhero to save the planet, just one simple switch can help.

Get Zero Cup Today.

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