Top 5 Packing Essentials For Female Travellers

Whether you’re packing for a city getaway or an extended backpacking trip, you will want to make sure you’ve packed these tried and tested travel essentials.

We’ve recently collaborated with Farawild - specialists in travel must-haves for the adventurous female explorer.

Read on for our Top 5 Packing Essentials for Female Travellers


Zero Cup

Travelling is never hassle-free, but your period doesn’t have to get in the way of your travels. Whereas pads feel bulky & damp and can have a smell due to the oxidisation of menstrual fluid, your Zero cup is worn internally so that there is no odour or discomfort, allowing you to stay fresher for longer!

Zero is four times more absorbent than a regular tampon and can be worn for up to 12 hours. As you only need one menstrual cup, you no longer have to bring an unholy amount of tampons with you in your luggage nor do you have to waste precious holiday time searching shops for pads or tampons.

Oh, and did we mention that you can wear your teeniest tiny bikini without any tampon string mishaps?


Microfibre Travel Towel

Swapping a bulky towel for a microfibre towel is fantastic for many reasons. Firstly, it folds down really small and takes up a fraction of the space a regular towel would.

Secondly, the quick-dry properties of microfibre allow for speedy drying. (In hot climates, a microfibre towel dries within minutes!) Getting one with antimicrobial properties allows for longer periods without washing it before it gets too gross.

A microfibre towel is a totally versatile item that you should not overlook: use it as a picnic blanket, beach towel, or even as an extra layer.


Day Bag

In addition to your main backpack or your suitcase, you’ll want to pack a day bag so you can have easy access to your essentials. Make sure to choose a bag made from a durable material with good quality zips will ensure that it won’t break after the first use.

A bag with interior pockets is ideal so you can store away your passport, purse, and other sensitive items away from the main compartment.

Selecting a sturdy bag that can be worn close to your body (cross-body straps or a small backpack) will also help prevent theft.


Shampoo Bar

Reducing liquids in your carry-on is always a plus. One shampoo bar can last for months, making it even better value than traditional liquid shampoo. Rest assured that there won’t be any shampoo spills in your belongings and feel delightfully smug that you’ve reduced the space taken up in your luggage.

Lush have some deliciously scented products that leave one’s hair looking fresh.


Packing Cubes

As a big advocate for travelling with carry-on only in order to save space and cut down on airline fees, packing cubes are a freakin' godsend.

They allow you to maximise the amount of clothing you bring by compressing them, thus saving you previous space in your bag.

In addition to this, all your clothing is conveniently organised and can be kept wrinkle free if rolled neatly.



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