Key Features of Zero Cup

Soft Medical-Grade Silicone 

Made from silky smooth silicone to promote comfort and ease of use. 100% medical grade silicone contains no plastics, BPAs, chemicals or toxins, so you can rest easy knowing there’s no chemical nasties lurking inside your Zero cup.

Suction Release Holes

Four large suction release holes make for secure placement. The large air holes are easy to clean and promote easy suction release.

Adjustable Stem 

The ridged stem is easy to grip and help you reach the base of your cup for secure removal. The stem is solid rather than hollow - so no blood will gather inside the stem, making it easy to clean.

The stem is longer than some other brands (2.21cm for S model or 2.41cm for L model).
This can be trimmed down to a length of your preference.

If you have a high sitting cervix, the long stem is ideal. If your cervix is low-sitting, you may find trimming the stem or removing it completely ensures for a more comfortable fit.

Remember, the stem should never protrude out from the vagina. 

You can read more about trimming your stem here.


The bell shape of the Zero cup perfectly fits the contours of your body. Both sizes are high capacity and offer you up to 12 hours of protection from leaks. Once correctly inserted, you should not be able to feel your Zero cup inside of you.

Volume Markings

Did you know most women bleed between 20ml and 50ml each cycle? With Zero, it's easy to measure your flow and keep track of your menstrual cycle.

Located on the inside of each Zero cup, you’ll find handy volume markings (10 ml and 20ml marks). Remember, one Zero cup can hold four as much as a tampon!


The soft and unobtrusive rim works to prevent leaks and offers you a more comfortable experience.

Grip Rings

Your Zero cup comes with grip rings at the base to help ease your cup out. The grip rings also prevent your cup from slipping out of grip during removal.

Size Options 

Zero comes in two sizes (S & L model) designed to specifically fit your anatomy. For specific sizing details, visit the Size Guide.

Firmness Options

Zero comes in two levels of firmness. The S model is made from a softer silicone and is ideal for new menstrual cup users, those with a low-sitting cervix, or those with a sensitive bladder. The L model is made of a firmer silicone that sits comfortably in the vagina and will pop open with ease.


Zero comes in a variety of colours (Blue, Pink, Purple & Clear). Because why not?


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