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20 Reasons Why Zero Menstrual Cup Is Better Than Tampons & Pads

  1. Let's talk about convenience. Time is precious, so why spend more time keeping track of when you last changed your tampon or pad? Zero can be worn for up to 12 consecutive hours, depending on your flow. Tampons & pads can only be worn for a maximum of eight hours, but often require to be changed sooner. Less time spent in the toilet is always a win!
  2. Zero menstrual cup can hold up to 25ml (L model) or 20ml (S model) of menstrual fluid. Even if we use the S model to compare, it has four times the capacity than a regular tampon (5ml). 
  3. Zero is made from 100% medical-grade silicone. It is smooth, silky, and soft; contouring to your body & fitting your unique shape. Less is more! Tampons & pads, on the other hand, contain a whole host of additives to the cotton: bleach, fragrances, acetone, and a number of other unwanted chemicals that are harmful to you.
  4. Because it is reusable, you need just one Zero cup for your whole menstrual cycle. During a 24 hour period, you'll need to change your tampon at least four times. That works out to 20 tampons for your period. (Calculated using an average of 6 hours between each tampon change and a five-day cycle). Zero menstrual cups can last for up to ten years if properly cared for. Tampons & pads are disposable. Just purchase one Zero cup, and you'll never have to spend precious time or money buying disposables at the shop ever again. It's obvious who wins this round!
  5. Tampons & pads come in a whole number of varieties: ultra-thin panty-liners, maxi-pads with wings, applicator tampons, scented pads, super-absorbant tampons...who needs all of that? Zero cup can handle the entirety of your flow: from super light to extremely heavy, Zero's got you covered!
  6. Cost is always an important factor. Though it costs more initially to purchase a Zero cup, it works out cheaper in the long run. Within 8-10 months, you'll have "paid off" your menstrual cup. Over ten years, you'll have saved hundreds of pounds on disposable feminine hygiene products. Read about how Zero is more cost-effective than tampons or pads here.
  7. You can wear your Zero cup for any activity and nothing is off limits! Fancy a swim, walking around stark naked, a hot yoga session, a sweaty run, a comfortable uninterrupted sleep? You can do all of these activities, and more!
  8. Fed up of feeling that drying tampon or bulky pad? Use Zero instead: once correctly inserted, you will not feel it inside you at all. Zero does not cause any irritation and your vagina's pH balance remains the same. Whereas tampons absorb your vagina's natural moisture and can cause imbalances (such as thrush or vaginal dryness), Zero works by collecting your menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it.
  9. Using the toilet is a breeze - you don't have to remove Zero when you go each time, and you can even pass a bowel movement without dislodging it.
  10. Some users report a reduction in menstrual cramps after using a cup. Though the jury is still out on why that is, some theories are that the light suction seal slowly helps to draw out the blood from your uterus or that your body is not reacting to any of the chemicals often found in conventional sanitary protection.
  11. Zero can be worn for up to 12 hours, depending on your flow. In this time, you will experience leak-free freedom: Zero is held in place by the muscles in your vaginal walls and forms a light suction seal. Tampons have to be changed more frequently to avoid leakage.
  12. Zero is safe to use: it is registered with the FDA and complies with ISO standards. Tampons can leave behind cotton fibres in your vagina as well as being known to cause vaginal irritation. More seriously, there has only been one reported case of TSS associated with using a menstrual cup, compared to thousands of cases linked to tampon usage. In the UK, about 20 cases of TSS a year are directly correlated to using tampons.
  13. Ever wondered how much blood you lose per period? Well, with Zero, you can easily measure your flow with the convenient markings on the side of the cup.
  14. Let's face it, tampons and pads are boring and unadaptable. But your period doesn't have to be: Zero comes in four colours (Blue, Clear, Pink & Purple). More importantly, Zero comes in two sizes (S & L models) and the stem length can be trimmed down to fit your anatomy. You're fully in control now.
  15. Zero is much more discreet than a tampon or pad. Simply store it in your cotton bag when not in use and pop it in a drawer, your purse, or your bag. It's easy to carry on-the-go, too!
  16. Menstrual cup users report feeling cleaner and fresher on their periods than those who use pads or tampons. Fed up of unpleasant smells caused by oxidised blood? Switch to Zero and you'll be as fresh as a daisy.
  17. Having a zero waste period is easy. Purchase a Zero cup and use it for up to ten years. No more plastic waste, no excessive packaging, and no contribution to landfills! Zero is eco-friendly and reusable. Tampons and pads are disposable and cause damage to our environment. Read more about how Zero benefits the environment!
  18. Sick of feeling unsexy just because you're on your period? Tampons have a tell-tale string and pads can be unsightly. Zero cup is contained completely within the vagina, so no one will know that you're menstruating. Plus, you can still receive oral sex without a tampon string dampening the mood if you and your partner are game!
  19. Zero is a female owned business. Help support us rather than lining the pockets of profiteering male CEOs running Tampax, Kotex, or Bodyform. 
  20. Zero cup does have a learning curve for inserting & removing it - but that only teaches you to become more in tune with your body. A tampon or pad doesn't encourage self-exploration of your anatomy, and that is something we should all be encouraged to do.

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