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How To Save The Planet On Your Period

Menstruation is as old as time. Our time on earth has been dependent on reproduction, which of course is reliant on a healthy menstrual cycle. In the past, many women wouldn’t have used any sanitary protection and would have simply bled onto their clothing (not dissimilar to free bleeding). Various other methods include using bandages derived from super-absorbent wood pulp, using a period belt to help keep the “pad” in position, or even tampon-shaped rolls of papyrus. Flash forward to the modern day, and the majority of menstruators use one of two methods for maintaining menstrual hygiene: tampons and sanitary pads. Fortunately, a few new innovating methods for efficient sanitary protection have been paving the way for a more practical, sustainable, and...

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Menstrual Cups Myths - Debunked!

Without further ado, let's dive in to the six most common mistruths that are floating around menstrual cup. Time to bust some myths! Oh, and don't forget to get yours now! Myth: They're Difficult To Put In Practice makes perfect! Initially, there may be a learning curve when inserting your menstrual cup for the first time. Think back to the first time you tried a tampon - sure, it wasn’t the easiest of tasks, but with practice, you managed to get the hang of it. Same principle applies with any new skill, including using a menstrual cup. Though it’s likely to take a cycle or two to really get the hang of it, you’ll find with each time that it becomes...

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Why I'm Breaking Up With Tampons

Dear Tampons   I’m writing this letter to you because I never want to see you again. It’s not me, it’s you. We’re just incompatible on every level. You see, I never believed you had my best interests at heart. You’d give me vaginal dryness and would be uncomfortable to insert. I let you in more than once, and once you were in, you hurt me. In fact, you hurt me more than once. And I still gave you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe this was because I had issues with commitment. I told you the ins and outs of my last relationship, with Pads. And you seemed to understand I needed more freedom. So yes, you let me...

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Why I'm Breaking Up With Period Pads

  Dear Pads,   When I think of you, I feel a sense of nostalgia. You remind me of a period in my life when I simply didn’t know what else was out there. I was young, and easily influenced. Maybe you took advantage of that, I don’t know. I don’t want to hold a grudge, though. Now that I’m older and wiser, I can see that you preyed on my naivety: you kept me in the dark about better options. You were so prohibitive and you weren’t truly looking out for me. You’d never let me go swimming, and you’d limit what physical activities I could do. My interest in gymnastics during my early teens disappeared, and I attribute...

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Zero Waste Week: Top Five Zero Waste Swaps

To celebrate Zero Waste Week, we've highlighted our top five zero waste swaps. They're easy, they're convenient, and above all - they don't contribute to waste! Over the last few years, the Zero Waste movement has been getting plenty of well-deserved recognition. It essentially teaches us to shift from a linear (wasteful) to a circular economy. The aim is to reduce waste and reuse as much as possible: by reducing what we need, we're ultimately reducing what'll eventually be thrown out. People are finally examining their waste output and re-evaluating their actions in order to make for a more sustainable lifestyle. We all know the price to pay for momentary convenience: cheap plastics, non-recyclable & toxic materials, and single-use products....

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