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Yoga Poses To Practice During Your Period

  Yoga is my personal saviour during menstruation as it helps to relieve cramps and muscle tension. In the first months after getting an IUD, cramps punched me in the gut every day and yoga was the only time that I felt free from pain. The best poses to practice during your period help to open up the hips in order to relieve lower back pain. A lot of the recommended poses will also help to stimulate digestion. When you enter into each of these poses, focus on your breath; deep breathing helps to release even more tension throughout the body. Child’s Pose Ah, child’s pose. This is a grounding posture that lengthens the spine and provides a little hip...

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Key Features of Zero Cup

Soft Medical-Grade Silicone  Made from silky smooth silicone to promote comfort and ease of use. 100% medical grade silicone contains no plastics, BPAs, chemicals or toxins, so you can rest easy knowing there’s no chemical nasties lurking inside your Zero cup. Suction Release Holes Four large suction release holes make for secure placement. The large air holes are easy to clean and promote easy suction release. Adjustable Stem  The ridged stem is easy to grip and help you reach the base of your cup for secure removal. The stem is solid rather than hollow - so no blood will gather inside the stem, making it easy to clean. The stem is longer than some other brands (2.21cm for S model or 2.41cm for L model).This can be...

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