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Period Piece: Sara's Story

I now use a menstrual cup that allows me to see at a naked eye the characteristics of my menses. Why would you want to do that? Simple: by observing the blood every month (color and volume), it reveals secrets about my body, including how healthy I am. I now control my fertility by reading the subtle changes in my body (this is called the symptothermal method). 

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Period Piece: Gracy's Journey

Ask yourself:Are my periods too heavy and painful?Do I have acne due to a hormonal condition? Do I have frequent mood swings/depression?Do I frequently and easily gain weight?If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, I feel your pain, because your pain is also mine.

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Period Piece: Alex's Adventure

I still wear maxi pads and have to take extra precautions, but when I do leak I am no longer embarrassed or panicked. Rather than be ashamed, I remember how lucky I am to have sanitary items to help me get through this time, which sadly a lot of women don’t have access to. I no longer feel judged, and if people want to judge me when I have leaked, then that is their problem. I love my body just the way it is and periods are totally normal.

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Period Piece: Catriona's Chronicle

Period Piece: Catriona's Chronicle. I didn’t live with my mum and when she would come visit me, she would often ask if I had gotten my period yet, and once I replied: “yeah, I think so, I had it for about an hour yesterday”.

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