Why Is Zero More Cost Effective Than A Tampon Or Pad?

Thinking about switching to a menstrual cup but worry that it might be too expensive?

In one year, you will have had, on average, 12 periods

Purchasing one Zero Cup will cost you about £1.50 a month (over the course of a year)

A box of 32 tampons costs £2.70 on average (8 pence per tampon).

Let's say, on average, you change your tampon every 6 hours. So that's four tampons in one 24 hour period. 8 pence x 4 = 32 pence.  

If your period lasts for five days, that's £1.60 spent on tampons for just one menstrual cycle.  

That means you'll have recouped the cost of your initial purchase of Zero Cup within 8-10 months! And then after that, you'll have saved hundreds of pounds that you could have spent on disposable sanitary products.