Reduce Waste: How To Have A Plastic-Free Period

FAQ - Troubleshooting

My cup is stuck - what should I do?

Stay calm & breathe!

Your Zero Cup is held in place by your vaginal muscles - if you are panicked and tense, it will be more difficult to remove.

You can take comfort in knowing that it is not possible for your Zero Cup to get "lost" inside you. With this in mind, if you cannot reach your menstrual cup, you can do a number of things to help ease your Zero Cup down.

Firstly, ensure you are position in a comfortable seated or squatting position. Next, use your vagina muscles to "push down" your Zero Cup: a sequence of slow and gentle pushes will help to ease the cup lower.

You should now be able to feel the stem or the base of your menstrual cup. Pinch the base of the cup in order to release the light suction seal. Slowly rock the cup from side to side to help ease it out in its upright position.

Help - I'm leaking!

You may experience leaking if your Zero Cup is not worn correctly. It must be positioned as low as possible in the vagina for it to effectively collect your menstrual fluid.

Once you have perfected the positioning of your menstrual cup, you should ensure that a suction seal has formed between your Zero Cup and your vaginal walls. This can be checked in a number of ways:

  • Pinching the base of the your Zero Cup (not the stem) and rotating it a few times to ensure the seal has formed.
  • Clenching your vaginal muscles a few times will help to position your menstrual cup correctly.
  • Running a clean index finger around the rim of your Zero Cup to ensure it is fully open and that your cervix is positioned within the cup.

Finally, ensure you are wearing the correct size Zero Cup. If it is too small, you may experience leakage. If you are still leaking after three cycles, please contact us for further assistance.

Can I use my Zero Cup whilst in a public bathroom?

You definitely can - either you can rinse your cup out with bottled water, or simply wipe the excess blood off of your cup and give it a more thorough clean at the next available opportunity.

It is worth remembering that with a 20ml - 25ml capacity, you may not need to empty your cup out as often as you think. Many users clean their cup every 12 hours (before bed and again in the morning). Why not read through the Cleaning Instructions for tips & tricks on caring for your Zero Cup?

Can I sleep/exercise/travel whilst using Zero Cup?

Absolutely! Zero Cup offers you complete freedom and peace of mind! Many users report a better nights sleep (less chance of leaking). Zero Cup is much more convenient to use when you're on the go; be it a busy day out, exercising, or travelling abroad.

Should I trim the stem of my cup?

It is only necessary to trim the stem of your cup if it is protruding from the vagina once correctly inserted.

Some users trim the stem, others cut it off completely, and others leave the stem at full length. It is a personal choice, so you will need to see what works best for you.

Before you trim the stem, make sure you are confident removing your menstrual cup without using the stem. Also, if you cut the stem in increments, you may find you don't need to cut it off completely.

My cup has become discoloured, what should I do?

Don't panic! It's normal for your menstrual cup to become discoloured over time. As long as you are sterilising your cup thoroughly before and after each period, your Zero Cup will remain in good condition.

To remove any staining, you can use baby-bottle teat sterilising tablets (such as Milton). You can also use interdental brushes to clean out any staining from the suctions holes.

To prevent future staining, rinse your cup with cold water to remove any excess blood, then clean using hot water before re-inserting.

It is important to inspect your cup regularly for any tears to the silicone - if there are any changes to the shape, texture, or smell of your cup after sterilisation, it is considered damaged and you will need to replace your cup.

Is Zero safe to use with lubricants?

You can use a water-based lubricant with your menstrual cup. Do not use a silicone or oil-based lubricant, as this may cause damage to your cup.

Can I keep my Zero Cup in during sexual intercourse?

It is not recommended that you keep your Zero Cup in during intercourse. An added benefit of Zero vs a tampon is that there is no string hanging out of your vagina, so you can be completely naked, and no one would know you're on your period.

Some users keep their Zero Cup in for oral sex; however, if you have penetrative intercourse, you will need to remove your menstrual cup beforehand.