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Choosing The Right Size Zero Menstrual Cup

Zero menstrual cups are available in two sizes: Small & Large. But how do you know which size to go for?

Generally speaking, the small Zero (S model) is recommended for users under 30 and who have never given birth, and the large Zero (L model) is recommended for users over 30 or who have given birth vaginally at any age.

The Zero dimensions are as follows (in mm):

S model (20ml capacity) 42.5 width (diameter), 48.2 length, and 70.3 including the stem.

L model (25ml capacity) 45.5 width (diameter), 52.1 length, and 76.3 including the stem.

Zero menstrual cup diagram

However, there are some other important things to consider before deciding which size to go for:


If it’s your first time using a menstrual cup or you’re a teenager, you may find S model easier to insert and remove at first. If you’re over 35 – L model will be best suited for you. If you’re between the ages 20 and 35, then please consider the factors listed below to help you decide which size will work for you.

Bladder Sensitivity

Some firmer cups can be uncomfortable if you’ve got a sensitive bladder – use S model as it is made of a softer silicone, so it will contour to your vaginal walls easier without putting pressure on your bladder.


Congratulations on the miracle of birth! L model will be perfect for your vagina: it’s made of silky yet firm silicone, has a higher capacity, and is larger in size – great!

Pelvic Floor Tone

If you lead a very active & healthy lifestyle and have a toned pelvic floor, then S model will be best for you. If you have weaker pelvic floor muscles, then consider L model as the firmer silicone and larger size will prevent any leakage.

Cervix Height

Take the time to work out the height & positioning of your cervix – if you’ve got a low sitting cervix, S model could be more comfortable for you.

Your Menstrual Flow

Did you know the average amount of menstrual fluid expelled each period is between 20 and 50ml? If you have got a heavier flow and are a more experienced user, then model L may be more practical for you as it boasts an extra 5ml holding capacity than the smaller cup.


If you have any trouble deciding, feel free to contact Zero for further assistance!