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Trimming The Stem

Why Does Zero Cup Have A Stem?

Zero comes with a stretchy stem that has ridges in it to assist with grip and to help you reach the base of your cup for secure removal.

The stem is made from solid silicone rather than being hollow - no blood will gather inside the stem, making it easy to clean. 

The stem is longer than some other brands (2.21cm for S model or 2.41cm for L model).

However, the stem can be trimmed down to a length of your preference. 


Should I trim the stem of my cup?

It is only necessary to trim the stem of your cup if it is protruding from the vagina once correctly inserted.

Some users trim the stem, others cut it off completely, and others leave the stem at full length. It is a personal choice, so you will need to see what works best for you.

If you have a high sitting cervix, the long stem is ideal to help you reach your Zero cup. If your cervix is low-sitting, you may find trimming the stem or removing it completely ensures for a more comfortable fit.

Before you trim the stem, make sure you are confident removing your menstrual cup without using the stem. Also, if you cut the stem in increments, you may find you don't need to cut it off completely.